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Production Process

TECHNIX’s production is organized in such a way as to provide, with the utmost effectiveness, a first-rate production quality and reliable deliveries. The thorough computerization of all inlet checks on purchased parts and semi-assembled parts in store allows for a timely synchronization work with the purchasing department, which brings forth an effective management joined with readiness to respond to emergency requirements.

TECHNIX’s store provides the production area with all the materials required and ensures a reliable and fast after-sale support to technical staff members working on site. An advanced computer network manages more than 30,000 parts.

Within a dedicated area, a team of technicians performs operating tests on each electronic board, microprocessing unit and any other electrical component, before they are assembled in the final equipment.

When the assembly is over, all the systems are conveyed to the Testing Area, which is furnished with six testing rooms.

There, the units are systematically tested, and the setting of special parameters is performed. After that, they are sent to the Packaging department. Finally, before delivery to the Customer, a Quality manager certifies the product for compliance with all the requirements set forth in the related Standard.