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Company Profile

TECHNIX was established in 1981 as a company specializing in the provision of technical service and repairs of X-ray equipment.
At the end of the 80’s, the company’s controlling interest changed ownership (Aliberti’s Group), and such change brought the start of a reorganization programme that was mainly focused on the expansion of the Research and Development department, through the addition of a team of experienced engineers with substantial experience in the X-ray field.

This pool of engineers allowed TECHNIX to design and develop mobile X-ray units for hospital wards featuring accuracy and reliability, in addition to mobile C-arm units, manufactured according to the latest art and in compliance with the most recent requirements for technology.

The quality and competitiveness of these systems resulted in several collaborations with leading multinational companies, as well as to agreements for the supply of systems being specifically designed and manufactured to meet the requirements set forth by the customer, on an OEM basis.

A policy oriented to the acquisition of interest stakes or, in some cases, of controlling shares of companies being suppliers of parts or pre-assemblies used in the production process assures a better cost effectiveness along with more reliable and better-quality supplies.

Design, production and sale fulfil the requirements set forth in the ISO9001:2015 and ISO13485:2016 Standard.

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