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Research and Development

The Company’s Research and Development department avails of a pool of technical staff members with solid experience in the design and development of a wide range of X-ray systems. The R&D Department also deals with the preparation of all the technical documents that are meant to reach both the Operator and the After-Sale Customer Service. They allow the User to quickly learn all operating functions, and the Customer Service technical staff to quickly locate all operating failures.

The Research and Development Department avails of an advanced test laboratory fully equipped with the most sophisticated testing instruments. Product Quality and Reliability are among TECHNIX’s main goals.

TECHNIX operates in full compliance with the provisions of the Italian standard for workplace safety (DDL626). They impose the provision of a suitable workplace along with safe procedures. Moreover, TECHNIX is extremely sensitive to and aware of ecological and environmental issues, and has therefore adopted preventive measures aimed at avoiding damages to the environment possibly caused by parts, work processes and packages in use.