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The TCA6 is a highly optimized Mobile Fluoroscopic System for surgery. The optimization that has been obtained through an intensive Research and Development effort is the pursuit of the best compromise within the peculiar features of such an instrument: dimensions, weight, balancing, ease of maneuver, X-ray features, image quality and safety. The large achievable distance of the SID axis from the unit’s stand, the noticeable motorized column elevation, reaching 500 millimeters, the wide C-arm’s insertion and span spaces, enable the best operational flexibility and the complete freedom of movement of the Surgeon in the operating theatre, in the confines of the sterile area.


TCA6 Compact

TCA 6S Compact

“Compact” version with monitor mounted on the “C”, without monitor trolley, suitable for Orthopaedics applications.






Wide range of configurations suitable to be used for x-ray examinations, and in particular for radioscopy, radiography and diagnosis dedicated to: Traumatology, Pediatrics, Simple interventional radiology, Pace Maker implantation, Operating Theater, Intensive care, Respiratory system, skeletal structure.




TCA6 Litho

TCA 6 Litho

Thanks to its motorized Arm rotation around the horizontal axis (+/-30°), the TCA 6 is particularly suitable to be used for radiological examinations in Urology and Lithotripsy. The system can also be fitted with a Laser targeting device, which allows the preliminary positioning of the fluoroscopy system without x-ray emission and/or with a modified frontal leg, which helps the coupling with the lithotripter.





High Power C-Arm 15kW with buffered battery enables longer examinations thanks to integrated water cooling system and high cooling rate; suitable to be used for x-ray examinations, and in particular for radioscopy, radiography and diagnosis dedicated to: Pacemaker implantation, endoscopy, biopsy, endovascular surgery, Peripheral angiography, Orthopaedics.



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